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Groesbeck Pines Apartments
Lansing MI
    2 bedroom, 2 bath, upscale units in quiet residential area. Downtown Lansing is just 2.6 miles away; MSU is just 2.5 miles away.

Kimberly Arms Apartments
Lansing MI
    1 and 2 bedroom units in quiet residential area. Very close to MSU and downtown Lansing.

Northway Pines Apartments
DeWitt MI
    1 and 2 bedroom luxury units with private garages. Close to downtown Lansing and MSU.

Duplexes and Apartments in East Lansing MI
Duplexes in Lansing MI
    Very close to MSU

Student Rentals in East Lansing MI

If current renters do not renew their leases by Noon on October 1, 2017, these properties will be available for rent. Please contact us today to discuss availability!


Condos on East Side of Lansing MI

Houses in Lansing MI